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Returning Home
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Returning Home?

We realise that making a decision to return home to Ireland involves much planning, organisation and anxiety. You may sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of information available and the amount of issues you will have to consider before returning home.

  • Our 'Returning to Ireland' factsheet series (below) aims to reduce your feelings of "information overload" by providing comprehensive information in a manner and style that is easily understood and which allows you to gradually deal with the practicalities of moving home.
  • You will also find information on this page on the Habitual Residence Condition and the work Crosscare Migrant Project has done on this in relation to returning Irish emigrants.

If you are thinking about returning home and wish to speak to someone in

Crosscare Migrant Project, please call in, ring or email your query

(click here for contact details).

Returning to Ireland Factsheets

Please click on the headings below to open the Factsheet on returning to Ireland that you are interested in

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Benefits and Entitlements *

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* Note: information above on benefits is not up to date - see links below for Budget 2012 figures
Department of Social Protection - click here
Citizen's Information - click here


[Word Doc Version]

Health Care

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Find a Job

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[Word Doc Version]

Banking and Finance

[Word Doc Version]

Driving in Ireland

[Word Doc Version]

For up to date information on Irish Citizenship see the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website

Bringing your pet to Ireland

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Voting in Ireland

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Support Groups

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Returning to Ireland - Pamphlet



              The Habitual Residence Condition

  • Guidelines for Deciding Officers on the Determination of Habitual Residence September 2012 - click here
  • Oireachtas Committee on Social Protection debates the Habitual Residence Condition - click here to watch
  • Read Crosscare Migrant Project’s submission to the Committee - click here


Returning to Ireland e-bulletins
(click on the issue number on the left hand-side to open the bulletin that you are interested in)
No. 15 March 2013
  • Transferring pensions and benefits from abroad
  • Driving in Ireland
  • Local Property Tax 

No. 14

January 2013

  • Changes arising from Budget 2013
  • Next Dublin ‘Jobs Expo’ in February

No. 13

November 2012

  • Applying for Supplementary Welfare Allowance
  • Residency information for non-Irish family members of returning Irish citizens
  • Decrease in number of Irish citizens refused social welfare payments due to the Habitual Residence Condition
No. 12 September 2012
  • Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSN)
  • Irish pensions and combining social insurance contributions
  • Dublin ‘Jobs Expo 2012’ at Croke Park
No. 11 July 2012
  • Rent Supplement for private rented accommodation
  • Combining social insurance contributions for Jobseeker’s Benefit
  • The Safe Home Programme
No. 10 May 2012
  • Transferring benefits and pensions from abroad
  • Fees for Third Level Education
  • Additional social welfare benefits
No. 9 March 2012
  • New Household Charge introduced
  • Changes to the Irish State Pension
  • Driving in Ireland
No. 8 September 2011
  • Updated residency information for non-Irish family members of returning Irish citizens
  • Central Statistics Office report shows an increased number of Irish citizens returned to live in Ireland
  • Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSN)
No. 7 June 2011
  • Crosscare secures improvements for returned Irish emigrants in the new guidelines on the Habitual Residence Condition 
  • Applying for social housing in Ireland
No. 6 March 2011
  • New  figures released on Irish citizens refused social welfare payments in 2010 due to the Habitual Residence Condition 
  • Combining social insurance contributions from abroad
  • Preliminary results of our survey on returning to Ireland
No. 5 January 2011
  • Access to social welfare assistance for returned Irish citizens
  • Changes arising from Budget 2011
  • Entitlement to health services



General information for Irish citizens returning to Ireland

Information on Schools, Colleges, etc.

Information on Local Authorities including Accommodation and Vehicle Registration

National Employment Authority - Information on Training and Employment

Health Services information - Medical Cards, etc.

Weather forecast

Information on Taxes

Information on Social Welfare

Budget 2012

Irish government website

The Safe-Home Programme

The Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas

Irish Prisoners Overseas: A Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing for Release

Click here

Crosscare Migrant Project would like to acknowledge the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs Emigrant Support Programme for our work with Irish emigrants

Disclaimer: Crosscare Migrant Project is not affiliated with any of these organisations or websites, and cannot be held responsible for the content or material contained within.





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