GAA report on emigrant experiences

In collaboration with the GAA, we recently carried out a survey with GAA clubs globally to find out about the experiences of Irish emigrants leaving Ireland, those living abroad and also possible barriers to returning to Ireland. The online survey was conducted from September to November 2015 and received a total of 80 responses from GAA club officers.

What came across very strongly in the findings of the subsequent report was how beneficial being part of a GAA club abroad was for people who had emigrated. Advice to future emigrants also included:

  • Research the destination country as much as possible before departure
  • Prepare as much as possible with savings, employment, accommodation, and by making connections with Irish living there or local GAA clubs
  • Be prepared to take time to source a job and accommodation
  • Learn the language if moving to a non-English speaking country

The concerns people had varied from region to region, and the top ones were:

  • Australia and New Zealand – Health and mental health
  • USA and Canada – Visas and overstaying
  • EU/Asia/Middle East – Social isolation and cultural differences

To find out more, read the full report at the following link – Irish emigrant perspectives on emigration July 2016.