Brexit updates for Irish returning from Britain


A Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ireland and the Government of the United Kingdom concerning the Common Travel Area (CTA) was signed on May 8th 2019 reaffirming both Governments commitment to maintaining reciprocal rights and privileges under the CTA. We welcome this development, having previously raised our concerns about the situation for Irish emigrants in the UK.

In advance of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, we’ve put together this list of useful updates for any Irish emigrants returning to Ireland from the UK:

Common Travel Area (CTA)

Rights of Irish citizens in the UK

Social Security





  • The Government of Ireland announced that post-Brexit, there may be implications for individuals working in Ireland or another EU Member State who obtained Professional Qualifications  in the UK, or who seek to have a qualification recognised after UK withdrawal from the EU. However, if you have already had these qualifications recognised by the relevant regulator, there will be no change and you can continue to practice in Ireland or elsewhere in the EU (03.2019)


Irish Government’s new Bill

We’ll be updating these links as new information arises. We do however recommend that you visit official sources of information from the British Government and the Irish Government. The website of the Citizens Information is also a useful source of Brexit related information.

For general information on returning to Ireland see here.