Emigrating from Ireland to UK


General Information

If you are thinking of moving to the UK, start by doing your research. You will find lots of information on government services at

Our ‘Going to the UK’ booklet is a little outdated but will give you an overview of the sort of things to consider if you are thinking of going to the UK. The useful links below will also help you to find up to date information to help you plan your move to the UK. 

If you are currently receiving a social welfare payment, there is a chance you may be able to continue receiving this in the UK, however it is important that you check this well in advance of your departure. Contact us to find out more.


Get Support

Irish support organisations in the UK are a good way to find out more about your chosen location & many also run activities which can help you meet people in your local area. We have put together a list of these at


Useful Links