Immigration Information

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Any person coming to live in Ireland who is not Irish or a citizen of an EU needs to go through the Irish immigration system. The official website is

Residency Information for Non-Irish Family Members

For the spouses, civil partners or de facto partners of Irish citizens, read our information leaflets below:

 Residence information for spouses & civil partners of Irish citizen (01.2017)

 Residence information for de facto partners of Irish citizens (09.2017)


Migrant Rights

We have also written an overview of the rights of migrants in Ireland. This gives a description of different types of immigration permission (also known as ‘immigration status’) and the associated rights. Click the link below:

A guide to the rights of migrants in Ireland (04.2017)


Further Information

Our website has lots of information, links and practical advice for migrants living in Ireland. Information is available in English, Chinese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.


Our service

If you would like to meet one of our information & advocacy officers about an immigration issue you can call in to our offices on Monday (10 - 4), Tuesdays (10 - 4), Thursdays (10 - 4) and Friday (10 - 1). If you can phone or email us before coming in with some details about your issue it will help us to assist you.

We offer a Chinese-language clinic with an interpreter on Tuesdays (4 – 6) and Thursdays (10 – 12)

 See here for contact details and our location.


Our work with new migrants in Ireland is co-financed by the European Commission under the Aslyum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020 and supported by the Department of Justice & Equality

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