Help When You’re Abroad

Irish Support Organisations

The Irish government funds hundreds of Irish emigrant organisations around the world to provide support to Irish people living abroad. We’ve listed lots of these in our ‘Settling into your new home‘ section. Many can help and talk you through your options if you encounter an issue while you are living abroad.


Consular Assistance

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll find contact details for your local Irish Embassy or Consulates at: Most of the Embassy websites include a section on local Irish groups as well so it’s well worth taking the time to check these out.

If you need assistance abroad see or for emergency assistance contact the Consular Assistance Unit at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin by phone on +353 1 408 2000.


Emotional Support

There are a number of Samaritan 24-hour freephone helplines available to Irish people abroad. Provided in partnership with the Government of Ireland through the Emigrant Support Programme, these offer access to culturally sensitive emotional supports to Irish people abroad who are in distress. Contact your local Irish embassy, or see below for details.

  • Australia: 1800 570699 (freephone)
  • Canada: +1 833 951 2484 (freephone)
  • Mainland China: (freephone) 4006612223
  • Hong Kong: China Telecom (freephone) 1080 04400835, China Netcom (freephone) 1080 07440765, Hong Kong (freephone) +852 30017063
  • United Arab Emirates: 800 04444409 (freephone)
  • Poland: 800 012 274 (freephone)


Free Counselling

Helplink Support Services is a registered charity that provides a free counselling service online nationwide and internationally for Irish citizens living abroad and returning home. This service is available 7 days a week and out-of-hours. To contact Helplink, email or call +353 (0)91 759887.


Page updated 5 September 2022