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Hearing about your issues informs our work. Through our research, we strive to identify policy gaps to help improve your situation.

Removing barriers for returning Irish emigrants

It can be hard to get permission for family of Irish citizens to live in Ireland if they aren’t from Europe. For others returning in crisis, access to social welfare and homeless supports isn’t always easy. Read our recommendations to Government on how to address these issues.

Brief on returning Irish emigrants

We speak to Irish policy makers about your concerns. Here we outline suggestions relating to access to benefits, education for children of Irish emigrants, Immigration for non-Irish family members, and housing. Download the Brief on Returning Irish Emigrants

What 400 returned emigrants want you to know

  We asked 400 Irish emigrants about their experiences of returning to Ireland between 2014 and 2017. Most said that their main reason for returning home was a desire to be closer to family, yet several expressed surprise at the unexpected emotional cost of returning to Ireland. Featuring key advice for others considering a move… Read more »


Homelessness and returning to Ireland in crisis

Homelessness can issue for some returning emigrants. Supports and services can be difficult to access and we want this to change. We submitted our paper on Barriers for returning Irish emigrants accessing homeless supports to Diaspora Minister Joe McHugh and other statutory bodies. Download Now

Support if you’re an Irish FIFO worker in Australia

Need support and information on Fly-in-Fly-Out (FIFO) work? With the help of Irish support organisations in Australia, we developed this report for anyone considering FIFO work. This information is aimed at supporting and informing Irish FIFO workers in Australia, as well as Irish people thinking about working in FIFO. Download Now Useful resources Helplines MATES… Read more »

FIFO - Crosscare Migrant Project

Contact Danielle McLaughlin our Policy Officer for more information. Call +353 (0)1 873 2844 or email migrantproject@crosscare.ie

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