Wellbeing on Return

It’s important to remember that returning to Ireland is like emigrating. You might even experience a culture shock on return. Here are 5 things others who have made the move back recommend to help you settle back into life in Ireland:

  1. Have realistic expectations
    • Do your research and be prepared
    • Make the right choice for you and commit to it
    • Some of your friends and family may have moved on
  2. It can take time to readjust
    • Take things one step at a time
    • Give yourself at least a year to settle in
    • Sometimes planning a short trip back to the country you returned from can help
  3. Embrace change
    • See it as a new start
    • Enjoy getting to know the country again
    • Try something new – join a club, take up a hobby, or even do a course
  4. Be prepared for the emotional impact
    • Talk to others who have already done it
    • Make a list of challenges and how you might respond to these
    • Take time with the decision to return
  5. Reach out for support
    • Talk to friends and family about how you are feeling
    • Make time to connect with old and new friends
    • Check out Yourmentalhealth.ie for lots of good tips on the little things you can do to look after your mental health
    • Helplink Support Services (www.helplink.ie) is a registered charity that provides a free counselling service online nationwide and internationally for Irish citizens living abroad and returning home. This service is available 7 days a week and out-of-hours. To contact  email helplinksupport@helplink.ie or call 091 759887.