Networking & Collaboration

As part of our Irish Abroad Networking project, we network with Irish organisations around the world so as to better support Irish emigrants in need.

There are four main ways in which we do this –

  1. Information Sharing: we encourage the sharing of information between the diverse range of Irish emigrant support organisations, especially around responses to common challenges.
  2. Promote Collaboration: we identify opportunities for collaboration, build strategic partnerships, and facilitate introductions between Irish emigrant support organisations world wide.
  3. Training Provision: we provide capacity building training around our areas of expertise.
  4. Raising Awareness: we raise awareness of services available to Irish emigrants, and try to ensure we are connected to new and emerging issues facing Ireland’s diaspora.

If you’d like to talk to us about any of the above, or you are interested in partnering with us on a specific project, contact  Sarah Owen at