Governance and Funding

Our funders

Our work would not possible without the ongoing support of our funders.

Crosscare Migrant Project

Our work with new migrants in Ireland is made possible through funding from the Asylum Migration & Integration Fund (AMIF), managed by the EU Funds Unit of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, with support from the Gubay Foundation and our parent organisation Crosscare. We also acknowledge the support of the Health Service Executive.



Crosscare views its governance structure to be of utmost importance to enable it to deliver its services effectively in a manner that holds it accountable to all interested parties including its service users, funders, staff and volunteers.  We aim to comply with best practice in relation to corporate governance requirements, using the guidance set out in the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice as the minimum standard to apply.

Please visit the Crosscare website for information on our governance structure including the members of the Crosscare Council (our board), an operational management overview (with our director’s and senior staff details), to download our constitution, and to view the organisation’s annual audited accounts and our data protection policy:

Crosscare is registered with the Charities Regulator (RCN: 20169084) and the Revenue Commissioners (CHY-6262)

Crosscare’s lobbying returns are available at

Read the Crosscare Child Safeguarding Statement March 2018