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We are one of the projects of Crosscare, the social support agency of the Dublin Archdiocese. The Archdiocese has provided different types of support to emigrants since the 1940s.  In 1987, in response to the increased numbers of people leaving Ireland in the 1980s, we were established as 'Emigrant Advice' and opened our city centre office.

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Support for Organisations

Across the world there are countless networks, big and small, resulting from Irish emigration. These connections are testament to the solidarity that Irish emigrants can show to each other. We are just one of almost 170 groups funded by the Department of Foreign Affair and Trade’s Emigrant Support Programme to support Irish emigrants in vulnerable situations. As part of this network, we believe strongly in the power of working together for the benefit of the Irish abroad.

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#WhyCitizenship – Irish emigrants in the USA urged to apply for US citizenship

  Do you have any Irish relations or friends who’ve lived in the USA for years? Ask them if they’ve applied for U.S. citizenship. Here’s #3thingstoknow about #WhyCitizenship is important… Ireland permits ‘dual citizenship’ which means you can hold both US and Irish passports. US citizens aren’t at risk of deportation, and have no re-entry… Read more »

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