Meet the Team

Amy Tyndall, Information & Advocacy Officer. Amy works on immigration issues and is responsible for our case-work internship programme, immigration training work, and coordinates the NGO-INIS customer service forum

Andrea Filippi, Policy Work Intern. Andrea works with our Policy Officer to research trends in Irish migration and contribute to our social policy initiatives.

Catherine Dooley, Reception. Catherine volunteers with us two days a week answering phones and managing client appointments

Danielle McLaughlin, Policy Officer. Danielle is responsible for policy work in all our areas of work, in addition to providing support to information workers and interns

Ellen McCarthy, Information & Advocacy Officer. Ellen works with current, intending, and returning Irish emigrants providing information and advocacy around statutory supports. She also looks after our ‘Emigrant News‘ newsletter, fact sheets and information resources

Grace Conway, Immigration Case Work Intern. Grace works with our Information & Advocacy Officers to provide support to people with immigration related queries

Ian Brennan, Reception. Ian manages our front-of-house, meeting clients and making sure they are put in touch with the right person. He is also responsible for health, safety and buildings

Judy McAvoy, Information & Advocacy Officer. Judy works with current, intending, and returning Irish emigrants.

Liza Le Roch,Information & Advocacy Officer. Liza works with people seeking information on immigration issues including residency, status problems, family reunification and citizenship

Ramona Ghiuzan, Accounts Assistant Team Leader. Ramona works with our head office finance team, who also provide support on all finance-related issues

Richard King, Project Leader. Richard manages the Migrant Project and is responsible for funding, planning, management, monitoring & evaluation and staff support

Sarah Owen, Irish Abroad Networking Officer. Sarah works with Irish support organisations abroad funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs Emigrant Support Programme. She is the editor of our ‘Le Chéile’ newsletter and develops online content for and our social media platforms

Vibeke Enemark, Immigration Case Work Intern. Vibeke works with our Information & Advocacy Officers to provide support to people with immigration related queries