Useful Advice and How We Can Help

In this section, you will find information on contacting Immigration and how we can support you.

  • When do I need to contact the Department of justice?

    You always need to inform the Department of Justice if you change address.

    Depending of the type of residence permission you have, you may need to inform the Department of Justice of the following changes in your circumstances:

    ● If there is a breakdown in your relationship
    ● If your spouse / partner / child left the country permanently
    ● If you become unemployed / have reduced working hours / change employer

    For more information about this, you can check the Department of Justice’s website:
    Changing my immigration permission

    My situation has changed

  • How do I inform the Department of Justice of my change of circumstances?

    Change of address
    If you change your address you need to send an email to with the subject line: ‘Change of details’. Include the following details in the email:

    ● Full name
    ● Registration number
    ● Nationality
    ● Date of birth
    ● New address

    For information about how to inform the Citizenship Section about your change of address see our section here

    Other change of circumstances
    When you contact immigration regarding an application or residence permission, it is important to include your application number and person ID number, which can be found in the right top corner of any letter that you have received from the Department of Justice. If you have never received any letters from the Department of Justice, you can give your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card registration number and passport number instead.

    For more details about which unit to contact in your situation see this link.

    I am a work permit holder and my employment circumstances have changed
    You need to inform the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Business (DBEI) as soon as possible if you have a work permit and one of the following issues happen:

    ● You change your employer
    ● You lose your job
    ● Your salary is reduced
    ● You have less hours of work

    For more information here.

    Contact details for the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Business (DBEI):

  • How can Crosscare Migrant Project support me?

    We can help you with information and advice about the Irish immigration system.
    If you need our help or advice:

    ● Please phone us first or send us an email – see below for contact details or use the web contact form
    ● Include your details, a contact number and a brief description of what you want help with
    ● We will ring you back or reply by email
    ● We can make an appointment to meet you if necessary

    All visits by appointment only. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

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