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Hearing about your issues informs our work. Through our research, we strive to identify policy gaps to help improve your situation.

 Current Policy and Research

  •  May 2017: What 400 returned emigrants want you to know 

400 returned emigrants told us about their experiences of moving home between 2014 and 2017. Download 'Home for Good? A report on the experiences of recently returned Irish emigrants' here

  • March 2017: Practical solutions for common challenges for returning Irish emigrants

Returning to Ireland can be hard. Our briefing paper to the Irish Abroad Unit of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers practical solutions to challenges you told us about. Read it here: Brief for Diaspora Affairs

  • November 2016: Barriers for returning Irish emigrants

Want to know about the barriers you may face when returning to Ireland? We wrote a paper on it! It was presented to the Interdepartmental Committee convened by Minister for the Diaspora, Joe McHugh TD. You can read it here: Barriers for Returning Irish Emigrants

  • August 2016: What Irish emigrants think about emigration

Emigrants like you told us about their views on emigration. With the help of the GAA, we learned about Irish emigrants’ experiences of living abroad and how they felt about the prospect of moving home. Read the report here: Irish emigrant perspectives on emigration

  • June 2016: Homelessness and returning to Ireland in crisis

Homelessness can issue for returning emigrants. Supports and services can be difficult to access. We want this to change. Read our paper on Barriers for returning Irish emigrants accessing homeless supports submitted to Diaspora Minister Joe McHugh and other statutory bodies

  • April 2016: Support if you're an Irish FIFO worker in Australia

Need support and information on Fly-in-Fly-Out (FIFO) work? With the help of Irish support organisations in Australia, we developed this flyer for anyone considering FIFO work. We also put together this report: FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) for Irish workers in Australia

  • 2015: Minding yourself when you're moving abroad

It's important to mind your mental health when you emigrate. That's why we put together - it's full of advice on from other Irish emigrants on how to mind yourself if you're leaving Ireland. 

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