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Opening statement to the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence on barriers facing returning Irish emigrants

Opening statement to the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence: Barriers facing Irish citizens returning to live in Ireland – Tuesday 26 April 2022.   ‘Good afternoon and thank you for inviting us to speak about the barriers and issues facing Irish emigrants returning home. Crosscare Migrant Project is funded by the Emigrant Support… Read more »

Coming Home In Crisis – Experiences of Irish emigrants returning in crisis situations

Coming Home in Crisis

  Irish emigrants return to Ireland in many different circumstances, including in crisis. ‘Coming Home In Crisis‘ explores the lived experiences of people who have returned home in need of support. It draws on interviews with returnees and Emigrant Support Programme funded organisations worldwide, as well as our own case-work in this area. The report… Read more »

Returning to Ireland with non-EU family members

Many people have told us that they are experiencing difficulties with returning to Ireland with their non-EU family members. We’ve taken this to the Department of Justice with proposals on how to improve the process for returning Irish emigrants. Download the report here.

Removing barriers for returning Irish emigrants

It can be hard to get permission for family of Irish citizens to live in Ireland if they aren’t from Europe. For others returning in crisis, access to social welfare and homeless supports isn’t always easy. Read our recommendations to Government on how to address these issues.