Who We Are

Meet the team

20170111_170949_cropped.pngPictured above: Judy, Danielle, Lauren, Nicola, Sarah, Amy and Richard

Amy Tyndall, Information & Advocacy Officer. Amy works on immigration issues and is responsible for our case-work internship programme, immigration training work, and coordinates the NGO-INIS customer service forum

Ciara Conlon, Immigration Case Work Intern. Ciara works with our Information & Advocacy Officers to provide support to people with immigration related queries

Ramona Ghiuzan, Administrator. Ramona works with our head office finance team, who also provide support on all finance-related issues

Catherine Dooley, Reception. Catherine volunteers with us two days a week answering phones and managing client appointments

Danielle McLaughlin, Policy Officer. Danielle is responsible for policy work in all our areas of work, in addition to providing support to information workers and interns. She also manages the Opening Power to Diversity (OPD) scheme

Ellen Doyle, Information & Advocacy Officer. Ellen works with people seeking information on immigration issues including residency, status problems, family reunification and citizenship

Ian Brennan, Reception. Ian manages our front-of-house, meeting clients and making sure they are put in touch with the right person. He is also responsible for health, safety and buildings

Judy McAvoy, Information & Advocacy Officer. Judy works with intending and returning Irish emigrants. She also looks after our 'Emigrant News' newsletter, information resources, and our website 

Nicola Yau, Information & Advocacy Officer. Nicola works on immigration issues and is repsonsible for our Chinese-language clinics and volunteers, our immigration training work and manages our website

Richard King, Project Leader. Richard manages the Migrant Project and is responsible for funding, planning, management, monitoring & evaluation and staff support

Sarah Owen, Irish Abroad Networking Officer. Sarah works with Irish support organisations abroad funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs Emigrant Support Programme, and is the editor of our 'Le Chéile' newsletter and our social media accounts

Our origins

We are one of the projects of Crosscare, the social support agency of the Dublin Archdiocese. The Archdiocese has provided different types of support to emigrants since the 1940s.  In 1987, in response to the increased numbers of people leaving Ireland in the 1980s, we were established as ‘Emigrant Advice’ and opened our city centre office on Cathedral Street, Dublin 1.

Originally, we worked with Irish people intending to emigrate. In recent years, our work has expanded to include emigrants who are returning home as well as new migrants coming to Ireland. Our service is open to anyone, but we pay particular attention to supporting those who are marginalised or in vulnerable situations. We work closely with Crosscare’s homeless and community support projects to provide a wide-range of supports to those using our service.


Our mission

We are aligned with Crosscare's vision of a society where all people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and Crosscare's core values of love, respect and excellence.  Our mission is to provide innovative and relevant services to those most in need regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, beliefs or sexual identity.

We aim to provide a quality information and advocacy service to enable people involved in a migration experience, especially those in vulnerable circumstances, make informed choices and access their rights. We also aim, through our engagement with the people who use our service and in collaboration with others, to effect positive change in migration related policy


 Our funders

Our work is not possible without the ongoing support of our funders.  We would like to acknowledge the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs Emigrant Support Programme towards our work with Irish emigrants and returning emigrants. We also acknowledge the support of the Health Service Executive and our parent organisation Crosscare. Funding for our work with new migrants in Ireland is from the Asylum Migration & Integration Fund (AMIF), managed by the EU Funds Unit of the Department of Justice and Equality, with co-funding from Crosscare


Crosscare views its governance structure to be of utmost importance to enable it to deliver its services effectively in a manner that holds it accountable to all interested parties including its service users, funders, staff and volunteers.  We aim to comply with best practice in relation to corporate governance requirements, using the guidance set out in the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice as the minimum standard to apply.

Please visit the Crosscare website for information on our governance structure including the members of the Crosscare Council (our board), an operational managment overview (with our director's and senior staff details), to download our constitution and to view the organisation's annual audited accounts:

Crosscare is a registered charity - registered charity number CHY6262

Crosscare's lobbying returns are available at